Research and Development

Avalon Pharma has secured the resources it needs to continue and expand its research and development activities. The company’s R&D team focuses on developing technically challenging products such as topicals, injectables, complex formulations, unstable compounds and sustained release tablets and capsules. The R&D team aims to continually increase the number of approvals that it receives from regulatory authorities in its markets for newly developed products which have a strong market potential.

Avalon Pharma R&D division is in charge of product formulation, process design and monitoring of bio-equivalency testing for all of its business segments. Beyond developing new products, it also improves existing products and manufacturing techniques.

To accelerate its R&D efforts, Avalon Pharma aims to invest up to the maximum in R&D and also cooperates with leading R&D organizations through its collaborative partnerships. All of these factors have allowed Avalon Pharma to transform into a company that not only produces generics, but into a company that innovates new products, making a substantial impact to the growth of the company and the Saudi pharmaceutical industry. Avalon Pharma R&D department continually contributes & gives the company a significant pipeline of innovative new products.