Avalon Pharma is a brand of Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries Company- Saudi Arabia (MECP-SA) and one of the Middle East’s leading providers of health solutions for a broad spectrum of patients and health needs. A leader in research, innovation, performance, and quality, Avalon focuses on pharmaceutical and dermatological products that treat a number of common conditions.

As a growing pharmaceutical company, we have developed an expansive portfolio of prescription and over-the-counter products. Our products for hair, skin, sinus, oral care and more are unmatched in innovation and we are proud of our loyal and growing customer base who trust us for quality and effectiveness.

Each Avalon product undergoes a rigorous testing and trial process to meet strict regulatory benchmarks and deliver an uncompromising standard of safety for our patients.

In addition to the comfort we bring to our customers, Avalon serves as a knowledgeable and committed partner to physicians and the entire health community, discovering and delivering new medicines and new methods to help them provide the very best solutions to their patients.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and quality of life of our customers.