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"We intend to come closer to our end-users"

Welcome to Avalon Pharma.

Looking back at our beginnings, it fills me with great pride to see how far we have progressed. Since our launch in 1998 we have made significant investment, achieved immense growth and contributed towards the health and well-being of Saudi Arabia. From a small operation of a few ambitious people, we are now aiming to become the region’s leading Derma company.

With our great success, comes great responsibility. Over our 22 years, we have practiced the highest standards of corporate governance. To our employees we offer the chance to flourish and progress. To our customers we offer trustworthy products that are developed with best-in-class technology. To our surrounding community we offer well-being and a sense of pride. And to our shareholders we will offer the finest management with complete transparency.

In 2021, we intend to come closer to our end-users. As we continue our path forward, we will work in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Our own vision as a company reflects the Kingdom’s goals: investing for the long-term, rewarding success and always open for business. We promise to continue our competitiveness and to invest in product innovation for the good of everyone in our Kingdom – and beyond.

But none of this is possible without the ambition of past colleagues and our current team, my partners the Zahid Family, Mohamed Maher Al Ghannam, our Chief Executive Officer and our customers and external stakeholders for supporting us throughout our journey. I thank you all for supporting us over the last 21 years and look forward to a bright future for our beloved company. Sincerely​

Ahmad Tabbaa
Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors